Thursday, April 02, 2009

What will i doing tomorrow?

1. I want to go to Honda Service center, my RedX need some help.. Many part of him need a reparation. I'm sorry for the egoistic of me, my redX...
2. Go to Laundry cleaning! 2 basket of my clothes need to clean! How's lazzy of me??
3. Want chemical peeling! Grrh.. Many acnes in my face!! :(
4. Buy Dewy Flower Peeling Gel by The Face Shop
5.Take a photo in an unique place
6. Buy mp3

Hmmm... Hope i can fullfill that! Amin.. :)

Tell about Situ Gintung Disaster

Well, almost 1 week after Situ Gintung Disaster was happened..

Maybe one of u don't know what is Situ Gintung? Where is it? What was happened in there?

Now, i want to tell u about Situ Gintung as i know, because honestly until now i'm not yet to go there.

Situ Gintung is the Dam in the border of South Jakarta n Tangerang, which in the dam was build for 70 years ago. Any a little island at the center of Situ Gintung dam which is use to be a pleasure place and have a beautifull spot to take photo. Many people take photo in there for heir Pre Wedding Photography.

But, in friday morning at 27 March 2009, that beautifull place was lost..

After rainy all day long at Thursday, Situ Gintung dam can't retain all of the water and after Subuh muezzin, finally Situ Gintung wall brusting and the water was flooded to around of the dam

Until i write this blog, the news say 100 people die and about a hundred people lost.

Many people say, this disaster same like Tsunami at Aceh in the end of 2006, but this is the little Tsunami..

From their opinion, make me remembering about the "Sunatullah" word in Al Qur'an, which is the
meaning of Sunatullah as i know is 'something was happened past will happening again".

And see? This disaster same like Tsunami but with a different way. What the similar of this 2 disaster?? If u remember, in Aceh only 1 building safe from Tsunami, that is Masjid Raya... And it's happening again in this disaster. 1 Masjid and all the people in there safe from this disaster.

I think, Allah wants to remembering us about Allah's Power. And Allah wants to make people know, Allah love the activities when we include Allah to our activities. Fill our Masjid with good activities, dzikir and Shalat berjamaah (Pray together).

Wallahualam bishawab..


Subhanallah Walhamdulillah walaa illaha ilallahuakbar..

And there are some picture that i was copied from to see more picture, you can go to that site...

The bursting of the dike wall

what u can say about this picture?

I want to be a volunteer to help the victims as i can.... But now, i only can pray for them... May Allah will blessed them...

Changing a Language

May i start from now??

Maybe from now i want to write a blog use an english language...
why i choose should be this?
hmmm.. the answer is...
1. I Can't speak language fluently until now. I'm now in 3rd years in college and just 1 years again i'm in the college, where in this time we can make a mistake and get a little forgiveness from friends and some lecturer. But, when we started jump to a CAREER... we can't get a tolerance to make some mistake... Especially when we use english language.. Isn't it?!
2. I'm jealous when i see my friends or somebody can talk english very clear and fluently... I want to be like them!!!
3. Oh GOD!!! Now, when i go to Gramedia, Sency, PP or everywhere mall u can name it... I see a cute little boy n girl speaking english with her mom or daddy very very very fluently... I'm in ashamed about that.... Grrhhh.... :(
4. In my home, i'm the leader to my little nephew n niece. So I MUST BE GOOD TO be example for them because i love them n i want they can be more better than me... Amin..
5. Because the credibility of my campus! Yups, everybody who listen i'm school in that college... As they know, my campus totally speaking english and my campus is a a great campus (Ssst.. many actrees is the alumnus from my campus). And the fact??? In my campus, use 50% English and 50% Bahasa, but not everyone know about that. THey only know, the alumnus or student from my campus, CAN SPEAK ENGLISH. So?? I don't want to broke the Great Crediblity of my campus... :)
6. Many assignment and presentation in my campus use english. I think this one way to try speak english...

Finally, i want to say sorry if my language not good enough... I will try my best... Bless me... ^_^

My Wish List

  • Andromax V
  • Online Shop
  • Rumah Jajan Feeza Faza
  • Minimalis House
  • Suzuki Splash