Friday, September 03, 2010

Just wanna say Hello! ;)

Hello Assalammualaikum...

It's been a long time i didn't updated my blog..
I don't have any idea what will i write on this blog.. i wanna be like another bloggers who always updated their style (what their wore everyday) but, the problem is my camera has a problem, so i can't using it... I just have a Blackberry to take a picture... same as another camera phone, the quality of Blackberry is not good enough.. so i decided to pending take a picture until my camera is back... haha...

Soo.. i just wanna update my blog, n i wanna say thank u so much for my new followers.. the last time i saw my followers is just about 16 followers, but now, i've got 8 new followers and now my followers is about 24 people... Wow.. i'm so happy to meet a new people on this cyber world.. i'm so grateful to all of you.. :)

I'm sorry for my bad english spoken, but i must try to speak english, learning by doing is better than doing nothing isn't it?? hehehe

By the way, this is my outfit when i'm still have an internship on Ummi Magazine (Moslem Local Magazine), FYI the rule in the office is quite strict for the clothes.

I choose to wear a casual outfit

Because i must wear a loose top, sometimes i wear my mom's clothes.. :)

See you.. :)
Wasalammualaikum :)

My Wish List

  • Andromax V
  • Online Shop
  • Rumah Jajan Feeza Faza
  • Minimalis House
  • Suzuki Splash